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January 29, 2013
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"Hey Justin, you know how you were looking for a way to make some other celeb friends?" asked Justin Bieber's agent, as he approached the singer. "Sure...." "Well, I just saw this new thing that's happening on Friday, It's celebrity wrestling". "I don't know dude, seems kinda lame". "Apparently a lot of people that are really hot right now are doing it, and it would really boost your status with them". "I guess I'll do it" "Great, i'll sign you up today".
Jake T. Austin's people had also informed him of the upcoming event, and he was pretty excited. He loved watching wrestling and had been practicing moves that would help him win. On Thursday Jake noticed a voicemail on his phone from his agent. "Hey Jake, I just found out who you're wrestling tomorrow night, Justin Bieber. Just thought you'd like to know your competition, good luck tomorrow". Justin Bieber? Isn't he kinda wimpy, thought the actor. He would find out tomorrow night when he went toe to toe with the Biebs.
Both guys arrived to the arena and were instantly overwhelmed by fans. They had no clue it would be this crowded, or that it was this big of a deal. Justin arrived at his dressing room. He changed into a pair of black gym shorts, a tight green shirt, and some wrestling boots. Jake wore a pair of black shorts, a tight red shirt, and some black wrestling boots. They both got ready to enter the ring.
"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, GET READY FOR SOMETHING LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, 2 OF THE BIGGEST CELEBRITIES IN THE WORLD ARE GOING TO GO HEAD TO HEAD TONIGHT RIGHT HERE. MAKE SOME NOISE FOR JAKE T. AUUUSTIIIINNNN" announced the announcer. Jake walked in with killer confidence and the crowd roared with fans waiting to wittness the match. "AND NOW GIVE IT UP FOR JUSTIN BIEBEEERRRRRRR". Justin came out with his usual cockiness, but was secretly nervous. This was nothing like winning awards or selling cd's, this was live, physical action, a challenge he had never faced before. He knew he needed to win this to up his status among the people who thought he was just some pretty boy singer with good hair. And tonight he planned to do just that.
The two young celebs stared eachother down, trying to size up their competition. "Ok, you 2, shake hands and return to your corners" instructed the reff. They shook hands and went back to their spots, but Justin couldn't help but get the feeling Jake didn't like him. He was right, Jake thought Justin was a punky pretty boy that didn't deserve the fame he had. "Alright everyone, get ready for the first ever TIIIIICKLEEEE WREEEESSSTTLIINNNGGG" announced the announcer over the mic. Both boys looked at eachother with wild eyes, not believing what they just heard. Both guy's agents failed to tell them the type of wrestling they were going to do, in fear of them backing out. The reff told the boys that the rules were anything goes, but you must make your opponent tap out to win. Ding Ding, and the match had begun.
Despite realizing what type of wrestle match this was, Jake didn't hesitate. He went for Justin and shoved him into the ropes and knocked him down. The actor jumped on him and sat on his arms. He started digging into the blonde haired pits like crazy, sending Justin into a fit of laughter as he kicked the ring floor. He was going wild already. "HAHAHHAHAHAH NOOOOO SSTOOPPPP" he shouted as he tried to escape the brunette's pin. Jake kept it up, poking around the ribs too, resulting in an equally pleasing response. Justin was in stitches, laughing like a hyena by now. After a few minutes he managed to get free, and retalliate. The blonde attacked Jake and flipped him on his stomach. The singer hopped on his back and started grabbing the tan thighs, making Jake go crazy. He pounded his fists into the floor with all his energy, fighting the terrible sensation that was overtaking him. Justin pinched and poked along the inner thighs and the calves with super speed and enjoyed every minute of it. Justin's nimble fingers dug into the tender thighs in ernest, making the actor scream with ticklish terror. "AAHHHHHHAH NNOOOOOOOO JJJUUSSSTIINNNNNN DDDOONNTTTTT NOOOOOOOOOTTT THHEERREEEE!" he begged.
As Jake wiggled and jumped around under Justin, he bucked him off, landing Justin on the ground. The actor waisted no time and put the singer in a figure four leg lock. He began quickly unlacing his medium length wrestling boots and tugged them off. The blonde's nerves took notice and an arlarm went going off in his pretty little head. Justin knew how sensitive his feet were, and just how merciless Jake would be toward them when he discovered that. The younger boy started spidering his tan fingers like lightning on the socked sole, causing Justin to jerk like he was going crazy, nearly knocking Jake in the face. The pop star's resistance was leaving him more and more as the darker boy launched a full blown attack on the helpless foot. He peeled off the black sock with ease, revealing a baby soft sole, along with a lightly tanned top. Jake was no feet expert but he knew the singer's foot was amazing, and he was about to corrupt it.
Justin thought the torture would never stop. His opponent scribbled all of his vicious nails across the perfectly smooth foot with great energy, making the blonde lose his mind. He bucked and jerked and thrashed against the brunette with every part of him, desperately trying to escape his grasp. Jake ran his fast fingers along the whole surface of the pink sole, and raked his nails up and down the length of the foot what must have been a million times. By some miracle Justin was able to kick the actor away, releasing his tender foot. The blonde drug Jake over to a corner and sat him up against the post. He tangled the 17 yr old's arms in the ropes, leaving them immobile.
Justin dove right in, plowing into the brown haired hollows. He dug into them like he was a miner or something, making Jake go wild with laughter. "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH NOOOOOOOO NOOOOOO SSTOOPPPPPPP". The blonde was attacking him with a new found drive, tickling faster and more effecient than before. His fingers lit up the underarms like he was a pro, wiggling around in both of them sadistically. He began prodding the ribs and sides next, making the actor scream even more. Both of his hands worked their magic on his sides for about 5 minutes until he pulled up his shirt. Justin then dug his tickle machine fingers into the vulnerable tummy. They found every sensitive spot on the toned stomach, milking it for all it was worth. The star had a wicked idea and started blowing rasberries on the tan abs, reducing Jake to screams and shouts, along with animal like thrashing and bucking. He tried to wiggle out of the ropes but it just wasn't happening.
Justin wanted to know if his enemy's feet were as ticklish as his own, so he made his way down to them. He sat on Jake's legs and quickly pulled off the boots protecting his feet. The brunette tried his best to hide his fear but Justin imagined he was just as sensitive as him. He was right on the money. Jake's socked feet wiggled and jumped around wildly, trying to avoid Justin's torturous fingers. He went in for the kill, taking off the white socks and bringing his fingers to the soles until he stopped suddenly. The blonde's evil side came out when he took one of the long socks and tied it around Jake's head, over his nose, so he would have to endure his own foot stench. He came back to his targets and started a ticklish assault on them. With his weight on the legs, they weren't going anywhere. Justin started wiggling his fingers on the tan feet like a mad man, moving them with precision and focus. His nails explored every inch of the soles, scratching at the balls and gliding along the whole length. The feet felt like silk under on his skin, equally as magnificent as his. They were tanner and just as soft.
Nobody had tickled Jake this much since his Wizards days with David Henrie, and he was no less ticklish now, unfortunate for him. Justin scribbled at his rediculously smooth soles with great concentration, but having fun too as he destroyed his opponent. Jake was nearing his breaking point by now, laughing uncontrollably and shaking an incredible amount. Justin was ready to end this, and he knew just how to beat him. He pulled one of the feet up to his face and began running his tongue along the entire sole. Jake completely lost it. No man can handle having his feet licked, and Justin as well as Jake knew that. The blonde's tongue slithered between the plump toes vigorously, pushing Jake over the edge. "IIIIIIII GGIIIIIIIVVVEEEEEEEE NOOOO NOOO MOORRREEEEE NOOOO MOOREEE TTTIIICCCKLLINNNGGGG HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA YYOUUUU WWWINNNNNNN!!!!" the defeated actor shouted between laughs. The ref called the match and Justin stood up and shouted in victory. Jake was untied and stood up to face his failure. "Winner, JUSTIN BIIIIEEBBERRRRRRRR" the man announced to the crowd. The audience went wild with excitement and praised the victor.
Justin was pleased with himself for beating Jake T. Austin. He was surprised he actually did it, but none the less, he had. The boys shook hands and left the ring. The singer was sooo glad that was over and he could go back to his normal every day life, but what he didn't know was that the competition had only begun.
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