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January 21, 2013
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"The first day back and I already have detention" said Drew. "Same here dude, for who?" asked K.C. "Mr. Evans", "Me too, he's rough", "Tell me about it". "Hey guys what's up" approached Jake, catching up to them in the hallway. "Not much" answered the tan teen. "That Evans guy gave me detention". "You too?" asked K.C. "Me too" nodded Jake.
The guys made their way to English, their last class of the day and joined Dave and Eli at the back of the class. After a hour of Shakespeare to bore everyone to tears, the bell finally rang. "Thank God" exclaimed Dave. "That had to be more than a hour" added the dark haired Eli. "Had to be" answered Drew. "Where you guys headed?" asked Eli. "Detention" responded K.C. "Funny, we've got it too" added Dave.
Drew, K.C., Dave, Eli, and Jake arrived at Mr. Evans' door. There was a note that directed them to go to room 404 to serve their detention. The boys walked to the back of the school to the only building they had never been in. "Where is room 404?" asked Eli. "I've heard some of the other teachers talk about it before. I think it's in the building back there" answered Jake. The group of Degrassi boys entered the mysteriously vacant building, not knowing what to expect to be awaiting them. Drew was the first of them to spot another room, about half the size of the building. "Hello" shouted the teen. They walked toward the entrance of the next other room apprehensively. In the room was none other than Mr. Evans.
"Ah, just the people I wanted to see. Take a seat" the teacher said motioning toward 5 tables attatched to the wall. The boys' eyes grew wide at the sight; 5 metal tables with one end built into the wall and two holes going though the wall about 2 feet above the table. K.C. was the first to speak up, "What kinda of detention is this?". "It's my own version, it's half as long and twice as effective. Normally detention is an hour long, and this is only 30 minutes." Drew, Dave, Eli, Jake, and K.C. looked at eachother with similar "Is this guy for real?" looks. "Go ahead, just take a seat and rest your feet in the holes. They are for comfort" he explained.
With hesitation the guys proceeded to each pick a table. They all layed on the flat tables on their backs and placed their feet in the holes. "Comfy?" asked Mr. Evans. None of the boys responded, too anxious. The man went out into the adjacent room, leaving the guys unattended. Suddenly, one by one the Degrassi guys felt something closing in around their ankles. Little did they know, the teacher had dropped the padded stock like objects on their ankles to lock them into place. Drew tried to pull his legs free but couldn't retrieve them. "Their stuck!" shouted the handsome teen. This sent the others into panic mode, all of them jerking their legs, but having no better luck.
At this point they were squirming with anticipation, awaiting whatever type of detention Mr. Evans had planned. Like clock work, the 5 teens' eyes grew even wider as they felt their shoes being removed. "Hey what are you doing?!?" shouted Eli. The boys were engulfed with fear as to what was about to unfold. After all the shoes had been tugged off and thrown on the ground, Mr. Evans returned to the room. "What is going on man?" asked Jake frantically. "My version of detention", "What, taking our shoes?" asked a nervous Dave. "No no, Dave. Much more than that." explained the teacher, with a wicked grin.
Mr. Evans went back into the other room, where the boys' socked feet lay helpless. "Ahaha" giggled K.C. as he felt something stroke his foot. "What is it man?" asked Drew. "Someone's touching my foot!". The guys exchanged looks of confusion and continued to watch K.C. squirm and giggle on the table. It was a domino affect the way K.C., then Eli, then Drew, then Jake, and then Dave started jerking around and giggling like their tall friend. None of the boys understood yet what Mr. Evans' intent was. On the other side of the wall was Mr. Evans along with 4 other teachers were playing with the boys' feet. Mr. Evans had recruited the other teachers who had also had many problems in the past with this group of Degrassi students.
A few minutes into the punishment it hit Jake. "He's tickling us!". "What!?!" shouted Drew. He was deathly ticklish. Ever since he was younger he couldn't take any type of tickling. All the boys started panicking once again, pulling with all their strength at their locked ankles. The teacher on Jake's feet was slowly running her nails along the black socked soles, inducing light giggling from the red head. Eli wasn't doing much better. His tormentor was scratching at his heels through the socks, making him jerk and laugh mildly. The teacher tickling Dave was focusing on his arches, tracing and scraping them with her nails. This sent him squirming even more and giggling uncontrollably. K.C.'s tickler was concentrating on the middle of his feet, wiggling his fingers across the cotton covered soles in ernest. K.C. was moving around and laughing loudly already. Drew's tickler was Mr. Evans. He pryed back his toes and manuvered his fingers in the undersides of them, through the socks. Drew was jerking and laughing like crazy, desperately trying to escape the torture.
The room was filled with laughter from the 5 boys, fueling the teachers to continue the tickling. "Let's get rid of these socks" suggested Mr. Evans, the ring leader. The boys felt their last line of protection being peeled off and the cool air hitting their freshly bared feet, sending shivers up their spines. "Not the socks! Not the socks!!" shouted Eli. The gothic teen knew the torment would intensify once the socks were removed, leaving their feet even more vulnerable.
Despite being boys, each one's feet were quite marvelous. Dave's were brown on top with palish soles, and smooth as if he had recently gotten a pedicure. K.C.'s feet were lightly tanned on top with pink/pale soles, and felt like a baby's skin. Eli had the whitest feet out of the bunch, appearing almost flawless. The bottoms were a little more pink than the tops and rediculously soft. Jake's were also pale, just not as bad as his buddy's. The soles were pale with a touch of pink around the balls. They were equally as pleasing to touch. And finally Drew's feet had to be the best. They were very tan on top and pinkish on the soles. The feet were unbelievably soft and smooth, feeling like pure heaven under his tickler's fingers. Mr. Evans had never come in contact with such beautiful feet before.
The 5 guys began to jerk and thrash like mad men in the crazy house, with the new wave of tickling. Mr. Smith used a hairbrush he brought along to scrub every inch of of K.C.'s size 10 soles. The size of his feet were a curse, giving the tickler even more flesh to make suffer. The stiff bristles attacked the sensitive skin, sending the blonde into a fit of bucking and laughing. "AHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAA NOOOOOOTTT TTHHHEE BRRUSSHSHHHSSHHSHSH AHAHAHAHAHA". Jake's tickler was also using a tool, a feather. She used a stiff green feather to weave in and out of the long, pale toes, making the red head jump around like a fish out of water. She alternated between the soft end on the toes, and the stiff end scratching the soles. The teacher used her nails on one foot while the torturous feather, violated the other, not wanting Jake to become content with a certain sensation. "AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA PPLLLEEAASSEEE SSTTOOPPPPP WWIITTHHH TTHHEEE FFEEAATTHEERRRRR" begged Jake.
Dave was in similar shape to Jake and K.C., flailing around uncontrollably on the table, and laughing and screaming at the same time somehow. His feet were feeling the wrath of 10 freshly manicured nails. The sharp, red nails sent an electric feeling up his spine, making him jerk and tug at his legs even more. "AHAHAHAHAHHAHHA STTOOPPPPPPP IIITTTTT NOOOWWWWWW SSTOOPPPPP AHAHAHAHAHAH" shouted Dave. The woman used her claws to rake up and down the pale soles of the size 9 feet repeatedly. She took her time to make sure the nails went all the way from under his toes to the end of his heels, leaving no part untouched. Mr. Evans was taken back by the pair of feet that were in front of him, in aw at the sight of 2 amazingly nice soles, awaiting his devious fingers. The man dove in, running his fingers along the tender, pink soles, reducing Drew to tears already. He was thrashing and bucking and squirming, engulfed in the incredible sensation. Mr. Evans used his short nails to scribble all over the soles of the tan teen's feet before he began scratching at the undersides of his toes once again, this time being able to really get at them. The man also spidered his fingers across the feet, covering the whole surface of each sole. "AHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAH PPPPLLLEAASSEEEE NOOOO MOOORREEEE III CCAAANNTTTT TTTAAKKKEEE ITTTTTT SSTOOPPPPPPPPPP" pleaded Drew, dying to escape Mr. Evan's ticklish grasp.
Eli was also in stitches, as his torturer lit up his ultra pale feet. She pulled out an electric toothbrush and fired it up, ready to devistate his very sensitive soles. He felt the full affect of the scrubbing power of the brush as it went between his toes, attacking the usually protected skin and running along the length of each toe, sending the gothic teen reeling with laughter. "AAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHA STTOOPPPPPP PPLLLEAASSEEE NNOOOO MOOOREEEEEEE NOOO MMOORREEEE PPLLLEAASEEE AAHAHAHAHA" shouted Eli, desperate for the punishment to end. It killed him to know his ultra ticklish barefeet were just sticking out the other side of the wall, helpless and vulnerable, open for his tormentor's vicious tickling, and there was nothing he could do about it.
After 20 minutes of mega torture on the boys' hopelessly over sensitive feet, Mr. Evans called for everyone to stop. Dave, K.C., Drew, Eli, and Jake felt a huge relief when the torture finally stopped. They panted, trying to catch their breath, completely exhausted. Too bad for them, the tickling wasn't over yet. The leader of the teachers passed around a bottle of baby oil to lather the teens' feet in. "What is that?!?" asked Drew, confused as to what was being applied to his soles. "It feels like oil or something" added Dave. "Feels kinda good" said K.C. The guys kind of relaxed for a second, enjoying the massage they were receiving. The good feeling soon passed when another round of tickling hit.
The teachers had all gotten hairbrushes during the break to use. All of them started in on their pair of feet at the same time, inducing uncontrollable laughter, crazy bucking and jerking, and high pitched screaming. The baby oil amped up the Degrassi guys' level of sensitivity, making their reactions even more wild than before. The boys' amazing feet were enduring the worst tickling they had ever had, and probably would ever experience. After 10 minutes of brush torture, one by one the boys passed out from the ticklish attack. The teachers decided to let the boys stay there and wake up on their own. They released the captive feet and put each boy's shoes and socks on the ground by their table.
A couple of hours later, Jake woke up, drained of all his energy. He woke up the other guys and they all put their footwear back on. "That was intense" said K.C. "No shit, we have to report them" added Dave angrily. "What are we gonna say, we got tickled in detention?" asked Jake. "Jake's right. I really don't want the whole school knowing how ticklish I am, plus I don't think anyone would believe us" added Drew. "You're probably right" retorted Eli. The guys left the building and vowed to never speak of that day ever again.
Drew, K.C., Dave, Eli, and Jake serve an interesting detention period.
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Ah, dear old Degrassi. May it outlast Pokemon. At my high school, though, such a detention might have served more as an enticement than as a deterrent.
You're right on that one haha
I actually did almost get tickled by my favourite teacher once, but then he told some of my classmates they should tickle me instead.
Sounds like a good day
It was shaping up that way until he changed his mind; I had a huge crush on him.
Looooooove it.
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