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December 4, 2012
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Before the Volturi had confirmation about the Cullen's accused crime, the Volturi became suspicious of the Cullens. They had no proof of an actual wong doing, but thought something strange was going on.

Back in Forks, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the whole Cullen clan had gathered at the Cullen's home. They were all visiting Nesse. "Here Nesse, I brought you something." said Jacob as he handed her a bracelet he made for her. "Thanks Jake, it's beautiful" said Nesse. "That was sweet Jake, you shouldn't have" said Bella. "It was the least I could do" said Jacob. "So when are you leaving tomorrow?"asked Edward. "I think around 10" answered Jake. Jacob was going on a little vacation to get out of Forks for a while. "You guys flying?" asked Edward. "No, driving. Sam figured we could have some bonding time" said Jacob laughing. "Hey Jacob, what about an arm wrestle?" challenged Emmet. "You're on big guy" replied Jacob. Jacob and Emmet sat down at a table and grabbed eachothers' hands. "1, 2, 3, go" said Jasper. Jake started getting the best of Emmet, until Emmet went full force. Then Jacob regained control and was very close to winning until Edward jabbbed Jacob in the sides, sending him practically out of his seat. "AAHHHH" squeled Jacob. "Looks like I win" announced Emmet. "No fair man" said Jacob. "Why not?" asked Emmet sarcastically. "You saw what he did." said Jake, pointing to Edward. "And what was that wolfey?" asked Emmet. "He.... tickled me" said Jacob hesitantly. "Oh, so the great Jacob finally has a weakness" said Edward laughing. "NO, I was just caught off guard." said Jacob, trying to cover up the obvious. Emmet looked at Edward with a mischevious grin. "You thinking what i'm thinking?" asked Emmet. They both dove toward Jacob, each tying to grab and arm. They nearly had him, until he jumped right through both of them, headed out the door. "Gotta go!" said Jake as he ran out of the house. "I think we can finally have some fun with him now" joked Edward.

The next day, Jacob was getting ready to leave for his trip when he found a note in the mail. He opened it and it read; Jacob, I need you to come to Europe. It's urgent - Bella. Jacob was puzzled but didn't waste time. He thought something was happening with the Vultori. He got a plane ticket and arrived the next day. He went to the Volturi's home and looked around, searching for Bella. He was still outside when 2 men jumped out and stuck him with some type of knockout syrum. They carried him in.

When he woke up he tried to wipe his eyes to try and see where he was, until he realized his arms were tied down to the arms of the chair he was in. This chair was attached to the wall so he could not move it. He then tried transforming into wolf form, but nothing happened. "Oh that won't work, child" said the head of the Volturi as he walked toward the restrained Jake. "What's going on? Where's Bella?" demanded Jacob. "Oh, her, she's home, safe and sound for now." smirked the vampire. "So, why am I here" asked Jacob angrily. "Well, we have reason to believe the Cullen's have committed a crime, and we know you are close with them. So you're gonna tell us everything we want to know about their life recently." said the vampire. Jacob knew they meant Nesse. "I'm not telling you anything, pasty" said Jacob confidently. "We'll see." said the vampire, almost glad to try his newest method of persuasion.

The head vampire snapped and 2 other vampires came out to assist him. "Take care of him" demanded the powerful vampire. "What are you gonna do?" asked Jake, a little nervous. "Oh, just a new interrogation technique i'm trying out" said the vampire, smiling. The other vampires unbuttoned his shirt and took off his shoes. Jacob still had no idea what they were gonna do to him. "You ready?" asked the vampire deviously. Just then he showed Jake his hands as his fingernails grew practically half an inch. "These should do the trick" said the vampire. He walked over to Jake's ripped stomach and started lightly moving his nails all over it. Jake started giggling, finally realizing what he was about to endure. "Noo, pleeasse hahaha, stooppp" laughed Jake. "You ready to tell me what I need to know?" asked the vampire. The vampire stopped. "Never." said Jacob, sternly. "Have it your way." retorted the vampire. He then started tweeking Jacob's nipples, and going around and around, tracing them with his sadistic nails. "OOHHH MYYYGOOODD" shouted Jacob, in ticklish agony. He then started scratching and stroking his hairy armpits, driving Jake crazy. "NOOOOOOOTT THEEEEE PIIIIITTTTSSS!!" pleaded Jake. This was Jacob's second most ticklish spot. "Ready to end this?" asked the vampire. "Bring it on" said Jacob, trying to sound tough. "Alright wolf boy, you asked for it" threatened the vampire. He walked down to Jacob's legs. Then the other vampires each grabbed one of his ankles. Jake hadn't been tickled on his feet in some time but he was afraid to know how bad it would be. "Let's see what we are dealing with" said the vampire as he stroked a single nail up one of his socked feet. Jake jumped as high as the chair would let him. He was in for it. "Good, good" said the vampire, smiling. He then started spidering his fingers all over one foot along with the other two joining in. "NNOOOOOOOOO  SSTTOOOPPPPPPP IIIIIICCCAAAAANNNTTTT!!!" screamed Jake.
"All you have to do is tell me about the Cullens, and this stops" reminded the vampire. "N.. o, no" Jake said as he tried to regain his composure. "Have it your way." said the vampire. He then took off both of the werewolf's socks. His feet were emaculant. They were tan and smooth. All 3 vampires started tickling him at once, one at his armpits, one at his stomach, and the leader at his feet. "HHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OOOOHHH MYYYYYYGOOOODDDDDDD!!!! NOOOTTT MMMMYYYYYYYY FEEETTTTTTT!!!!" screamed the ultra ticklish Jacob. Then the vampire started tickling one of his big toes while he held it in place, making Jacob nearly cry with laughter. He then had an awfully vicious idea. "You 2, come hold his toes back" ordered the leader. They ran over and pryed his helpless toes back while the leader ran his nails all over the underside of the tan toes. Jacob felt electricity through his body that made him buck, scream, and beg for the tickling to stop. He kept up the cruel tickling for about 10 minutes until he got bored with it. "One last chance, Jacob" said the vampire. Jake could barely form words. "I'" said Jacob. "You have sealed your fate" said the vampire.

He brought in 3 more vampires; 1 for his ticklish pits, 1  for his sensitive nipples, 1 for his ripped but vulnerable stomach, and 2 for his unrealistically ticklish, tan, smooth, soft, and strong bare feet. "You will endure the worst tickling anyone has ever went through until you decide to tell me what I wish to know. Have fun" said the vampire as he walked out of the room. All he could here was the screams and shouts coming from the super ticklish werewolf.
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