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January 14, 2013
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The hottest star on the planet, Justin Bieber, checked into his hotel with his entourage. He just finished a show in L.A. and was looking forward to some time alone, but he couldn't seem to get that. With the body guards, managers, and agents contacting or following him 24/7, privacy was nearly impossible.

He made his way to his room and settled. Everyone with him seemed to be busy or trying to get some sleep. One of his body guards was in the bathroom and the other one was on the phone in another room. Justin saw his chance. He quietly slipped out the door and ventured out into the hotel. The singer donned a hat to try and conceil his identity, and so far it was working. It was dark also, so he counted on that helping to disguise him. The pop star noticed on the way in that the hotel was on the beach. He really missed hanging out at the beach and spending the whole day doing nothing but swimming and relaxing. So he walked to the beach and took off his sneakers and socks, exposing his tender feet to the soft sand.
He turned off his phone and began walking down the shore. The blonde was enjoying the time to himself, with nothing but the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sand between his toes. The sand had to be the best part. He hardly ever went barefoot and the soft, wet sand gushing under his baby soft feet felt amazing to him. After about 10 minutes of walking, someone approached him and started walking beside him. Justin felt a little awkward, not wanting to say much and give himself away. "Nice night isn't it?" asked the stranger. "Umhm" Justin agreed. "The beach is so peaceful at night" added the man. "Yep" responded Justin.

The man looked at the singer's face. "Oh my God, you're Justin Bieber aren't you?" asked the man. "Crap, I thought no one would recognize me" said the blonde. "It's cool, I want say anything to anyone. So what are you in town for?" "I had a concert tonight". "Ahh, I gotcha. So you don't have any.... body guards or anything?". "I do, I just had to get away for a while, so I snuck out". "I understand, it must be hard always being watched". "You have no idea". A few minutes later he heard some of his people yelling his name toward the beach. "Oh no" panicked the singer. "I have an idea, come over to my car, they won't see you over there, just until they leave" explained the stranger.
The two guys ran over to his car and got in. They sat there for a few minutes until the handlers left. "I think they're gone" said the man. "Thank God" responded the superstar. "You know I should probably being getting back". "Not quite yet" said the man as he turned around. "Huh?" questioned the Biebs. Justin had no time to react before the man punched him out.
When the singer woke up he had an awful headache from the punch. He felt kind of odd, like he was in a weird position, was he right about that. Justin looked down to see himself attached to some type of device. It was a big X made of metal that was attached to a pole sticking out of the ground. The X tilted him so his feet were about 3 and a half feet from the ground. There were metal clamps around his wrists and ankles, keeping him in place. "HELP! HELP! Someone get me out of here!" shouted the pop star. Just then the stranger from the beach stepped out of the shadows. "You!" shouted the singer in anger. "Hello there Justin, having fun?" asked the man sarcastically. "Let me go or i'll get you thrown in jail so fast your head will hurt" threatened the blonde. "I don't think you're in any position to be making demands or threats for that matter". "Why am I here?". "Well I followed you from Arizona to L.A just to get a chance to meet the almighty Justin Bieber, and when I did I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to kidnap him, and here you are." explained the man. "You're crazy dude". "Not as crazy as you're going to go" smirked the stranger.
Justin was nervous as hell, being kidnapped by a crazy person and being tied helpless at his mercy, this was going to be a long night. Justin had on some khaki shorts, a black t shirt, and was barefoot. The man decided to keep his sneakers and socks as a type of personal trophy. "What are you gonna do to me?" asked the apprehensive star. "You're about to find out" responded the man.
The kidnapper went around toward Justin's head and started playing with his ears, just trying to piss him off a little. He knew it really wouldn't tickle that much, but it got a rise from the 18 yr old. "Stop it asshole" demanded Bieber. "Sure thing hot shot". He moved down to the side of the mega star and started prodding his sides. Justin squirmed and bit his lip tight to try and contain his giggles. The man sped up the tickling and moved around a bit on the torso. Justin couldn't help but start laughing a little. "Ahh so the pop star's ticklish" announced the man. Justin's eyes shot open wide. Tickling? He hated tickling more than anything in the world. His cousins and friends used to torture him growing up, tickling him until he would pee himself. He hadn't been tickled in some time but the hatred was very much still there.
The tickler wiggled his fingers along the sides, moving them quickly to get the full affect. "AHAHHAHAHA SSTOOPPP IIITTTT" shouted Justin. He continued tickling the vulnerable sides with one hand and began digging into the brown haired filled armpits. Justin thrashed and bucked like a wild man, hating every second of it. The man then pulled up his shirt over his head to see the pale upper body. He started jabbing his fingers in his abs and working them into his bellybutton as much as possible. Justin couldn't contain himself at this point, screaming and laughing his little head off. He started squeezing the singer's flanks, causing the teen to jump and squeel like crazy.
He really liked the reaction he got from the flanks so he kept that up but moved on with one hand to the ribs. His fingers manuvered on the ribs like a trained specialist. They glided along them with ease, not missing a single one. Justin was shaking back and forth now, fighting the tickling sensation with all his energy. The one hand that was squeezing the flank was still going strong to. He loved seeing the usually cool and collected singer being reduced to laughs and bucking. He started using one finger to wiggle into the bellybutton, making Justin's laughter reach a new volume. "AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH NOOOTTT MMYYYY BBEEELLLLYYY BUTTTTONNNNNN PPPLLEEAASSEEEE!!!" begged the blonde.
The tickler moved down to his knees. He started using his nails to lightly scratch the undersides of them, making the pop star shake even more. Then he squeezed the part right above the knee, getting a great response from the Biebs. After about 5 minutes he made his way down to the bottom of the X. "These are some nice feet, Justin" said the man. "Fuck you man" shouted the teen. "Now that's not very nice. Guess I'll have to punish you for it" taunted the kidnapper. Justin knew if the man tickled his feet, he would be finished.
The man started stroking the soles, making the singer giggle like a little kid. "Leave my feet alone!" demanded the horribly ticklish star. "Not a chance" retorted the man. He began wiggling his fingers faster, scratching the soles with a focus. "AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAAHA NOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Justin. The tickler stepped it up notch and began running his nails along the unbelievably soft soles. He scratched them like he was trying to cure an itch. The man's hands worked like a machine, ruthlessly wiggling along the feet with no break. He scraped along the high arch, sending the blonde into a new fit of shaking and laughing.
The man walked over and got something from a table. He got back and held it up for Justin to see. "You gotta be kidding me" gasped the singer. The tickler jumped in full force with the hair brush. He scrubbed it against the smooth, perfect feet vigorously. Justin bucked harder than ever before and screamed at the top of his lungs. He thought he would be horse from the amount of laughter and screaming he was doing. But there was no way he could control himself now, the tickling was too severe.
He then remembered his favorite thing to do to his victims. The man took 5 black strings with holes on the ends out on each side of the X. He used them to tie back each toe and attache them to the X. This left all 10 of his insanely sensitive toes open and vulnerable. He pulled out a feather and began running it between the delicious looking toes, attacking the usually untouched skin. This drove Justin to new levels of thrashing and screaming. He thought the blonde was going to break the X table. "AAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOOPPPPPPP TIIICCKKLLIINNNNGGG MEEEEEEEEEEEE PPLLLEAAASSSEEEEEEEEE" pleaded the helpless star. The man left for a few minutes, giving Justin a break.
He returned and the singer didn't see a difference. Little did he know the tickler had put on some fake finger nails, long and sharp to do some major damage to his taut soles. The man started raking along the whole length of each foot. The nails proved to be a nice touch. Justin howled with laughter like the man had never witnessed before. He bucked and shook as though he was being possesed. The tickling was truly getting the best of the young star. "SSSTTOOPPPPPPP IIIITTTTTT SSSTOOPPPP IITTTTT NOOOWWWWW" shouted the teen. "Alright I will, if you say i'm a ticklish little boy" responded the man. "No way creep!" retorted Justin. "Whatever you say buddy boy".
The tickler started back with the nails on one foot and the feather on the toes with the other. He scribbled his nails along the rediculously ticklish foot with great concentration. The feather was doing a fantastic job too, gliding between the super soft toes furiously. The combination of the sharp nails and the soft feather made the singer go wild. "AHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA OOOKKK OOKKKK IIIMMM AAA TTTTIIICCCKLLISSHSSHH AHAHAHAHAHA LLITTTTLLEEE BOOYYY HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" screamed Justin, between laughs. "Very good" said the man as he stopped the torture. Just then for some reason the Biebs noticed something he hadn't before, a little red light blinking in the background. "Are you recording this?!?!?!" exclaimed the teen. "You got it. That way if you ever try to go to the police or I just wanna black mail you into doing this again, I have a video of it." explained the man. "You are evil dude" said the tickler. The man just smiled and put a chloroform rag over the singer's face, knocking him out.
The next day, Justin woke up in his hotel room like nothing had happened. He sat up and went to the bathroom. He looked at his phone to see a text message. It said, "I had a fun time last night, hope to do it again soon". There was an attachment with the text. He opened it and it was a picture of him on the X table being tickled. Justin quickly erased the picture and the text. The singer went back into the room and was greeted by one of his body guard. "You have a fun night?" asked the man, only referring to the beach trip. "You have no idea" answered the singer, trying to act like nothing ever happened to him.
Justin Bieber is the victim of a vicious tickler.
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