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February 14, 2013
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"That's a wrap" called the director of Shake It Up. Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Adam Irigoyen, Roshon Fegan, Kenton Duty, and Caroline Sunshine all headed toward their trailors. "Hey Ro, you still coming over for some Xbox in a few" asked Adam. "Sure thing man". "What about you Ken?" shouted Adam. "Yeah, give me a sec". Zendaya, Bella, and Caroline watched the guys go into Adam's trailor a few minutes later, still pissed about yesterday. You see after lunch yesterday, the guys set off a stink bomb in the girls' trailors. The smell didn't leave until this morning, making the girls use the bathroom in the studio to do their makeup and get ready. Usually the guys might spend the afternoon playing around on the Xbox or something and the girls would leave for home, but today was going to run a little differently.
"Dude you suck" joked Roshon. "Shut up man, I am the master" answered Kenton. "Yeah you're the master alright, master at losing" added Adam. Something from the corner of the room caught the blonde's eye. "uhh, Adam what's that?". "It looks like smoke", "Green smoke?", "I don't know man, it looks li-" Adam was cut off by his own conscious fading out as he fell over on the couch. The girls waited until they heard nothing but the Xbox going and entered the trailor. Just as they suspected, all 3 boys were knocked out. "Nice" exclaimed Zendaya. "Time for a little fun boys" taunted the red head. The girls wasted no time and moved fast to launch phase 1. "You bring the bag?" Bella asked. "Sure did" answered the blonde Caroline. Zendaya went over to her t.v. brother and used some rope from the bag to tie his hands behind his back. She pulled his legs back one at a time and tied them to his wrists, hogtying him. Bella repeated the same action with Adam and Caroline with Kenton. The boys lay helpless, Kenton on the couch, Adam on the lounge chair, and Roshon on the floor. Conviently for the girls, the guys had already kicked off their shoes, reducing the amount of work for them. Each girl took a spot beside their captive and began slowly stroking their socked feet.
"Mhmm what's haha going on ahah" murmered Roshon. Like clock work, Roshon then Kenton and then Adam slowly awakened from their induced sleep. "What the hell ahha are you doing?" asked Adam to Bella. "Do, you guys remember yesterday when those stink bombs were put in our trailors?", "I don't know what you're talking about" asssured Kenton. Just for that Caroline dittled on his sole for a second. "Ahhh" he shouted in response. "Let's just say this is payback" said Zendaya. With that, the dark avenger sparked her tickle attack on Roshon's white socked soles, scratching at the fabricated feet furiously. Bella was inticing her captive's helpless tootsies as well, runing her nails up and down the length of each one continuously. Kenton's torturer was just as ruthless, making tiny circles on the soles all over the surface, just enough to keep him giggling. "STTAAHAHAHAHAAPPPPPPP AHAHHAA" Adam laughed. Roshon and blondie chimed in, "AHAHHAHAHHAHA NOOOO DDDOONNTTT". "These socks are getting old, don't you think?" Caroline asked. "No! Leave em on" shouted Kenton. "Not the socks!!" Roshon pleaded. Their begging didn't affect the girls' sympathy, but only fueled their drive to destroy the boys. Each one slowly peeled off the two socks in front of them, revealing 6 very nice barefeet. Roshon had of course, the darkest tops with almost white soles. They were silky smooth and wiggled when the air hit the skin. Kenton's feet were even more soft and flawless, and pale on top. The bottoms were especially pale, and pink on the toes and heels. And finally Mr. Irigoyen's puppies had the most appeal, extremely soft and almost creamy looking soles, with tanned tops accompanied by perfect toes. The 3 girls exchanged looks of surprise as they were impressed with the quality of the guys' feet.
10 manicured nails plunged into the vulnerable soles of Adam, exciting the flesh of each foot to extremes. "AHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHH DDONNTTT NOOOTTT MYYYY FEEET PPLLLEAASSEEEE!!!". He bucked and thrashed on the lounge chair like he was going crazy. Her fingers devastated him while they continued running along his helpless feet. A few feet away, Kenton was feeling the wrath of Caroline's merciless tickling. She had pulled back his toes after seeing them scrunch up and curl in response to her every touch. With his soles taut and fully exposed, the blonde girl scribbled and scraped at his balls, producing tremendous laughter from the ultra sensitive boy. Her diabolical fingers attacked the base of his toes, all 5 at once, making his laughter shoot up an octave. She alternated between rapid fire tickling to concentrated stroking on each long toe at a time, just to keep him guessing. Meanwhile, Bella was proving to be a sadistic tickler, reducing Adam to obnoxious outbursts. She clawed his arches and glided her nails across the tender flesh of his soles quickly, making him squeel like a little girl each time a different finger made contact with his feet. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAAAA STOOOOPPPPPP IIIIIITTTT BBEELLLAAAAA SSTOOPPP TTIICCKKLIINNGGGG MEEEEE!!" he shouted. The red head loved watching her captive writhe in ticklish agony.
The swift footed Zendaya moved onto his vulnerable sides, digging into them with a new found focus. Roshon jerked with every poke and prod to his rediculously sensitive body. Her hands wiggled into every rib, counting them just to annoy her toy. "AHAHHANOOOOOOOOO STTTOOPPP IIITTT ZZZZZ!" he pleaded. All 10 destructive digits wiggled up his sides, reaching the bottom of his armpits. The moment he felt pressure near his underarms, the smooth guy went ballistic with outrageous screams and reflexive jolting. His body jumped around on the floor of the trailor with all his energy. He pulled at his bonds with every ounce of strength that was not being drained by the tickling, but it was no use. "You're not going anywhere buddy boy" Zendaya taunted. She knew this was getting the best of her t.v. brother, noticing his t shirt begin to soak with sweat from his over active glands. Kenton was in no better shape, laughing his head off by now. He was turned on his side so the devious girl could take advantage of his upturned torso. She dove into his toned tummy like a kid in a candy store. "AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHH SSTOOPPPPP CCARROLLINNEEEE PLLLEASSEE NOOO MOOREEE AHAHAHAH IITTTSS TTTOORRTTUREEEE" the blonde screamed between laughs. She brushed away a few stray hairs that stuck to his sweaty forehead, "Just wanted to see that pretty face" she teased. "Yeah...right" he responded after his breath halfway returned. Her fingers tickled his ultra tender abs with great pleasure, grinning as she made him freak out full force. His skinny frame shaked and wiggled around on the couch endlessly as a result of Caroline's ticklish assault on his stomach. She manuvered up to his pecs, just feeling around on them at first, until she realized how tender they really were. Her fingers manipulated the muscles in his chest to send overwhelming sensations up his spine. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAA GGGEETT OFFFFF GGEET OFFFFF SSTOPPPP ITTTT!!!" the blonde shouted out. As a result of the pec exploitation, his nipples began to harden, allowing 2 new tickle spots to surface. She flicked and pinched them a few times, getting an interesting response from her victim. "AHAHA OHHHAHHH AHAHAH OOHHH MMHMMM" he laughed and moaned. "Somebody's enjoying this" she said as she pointed to his rising member. The other girls looked at his arousement and giggled. He blushed in emberrasment until the tickling was renewed somewhere new, his thighs this time. She wiggled her fingers into his mega sensitive muscles, making his laughter rage even louder.
On the lounge chair, Adam was getting the full treatment. Bella was torturing him cruely, playing with his neck just to piss him off. "QUIT IT AHHAAHAH STTOPPP BELLAA!" he demanded as his head thrashed back and forth to try and aleviate the tickling. She made her way down to his enclosed pits, sticking her relentless fingers in the slight opening between his arms and sides. They wiggled and dug into his enclosed underarms with great speed and strength, sending Adam waling with screams and laughter. His wildy delicate body was in tickle hell as the torturous fingers of his tickler raged an all out war on his pits. They drove his laughing up several levels, high pitched and almost amusing to hear, especially coming from a self proclaimed ladies man. Her devlish tickling divulged his weakness to everyone in the room. Normally he would be emberassed for the guys to know about his ticklish secret but due to the fact both of them were being tortured just as much by the ticklish treatment, he didn't feel so meak. At this point, 45 minutes into the ticklish attack on the Shake It Up guys, the girls moved back to their original point of ticklish penitration. "NO....No more tickling, not my feet!!" Kenton shouted. "I can't handle anymore!!" confessed Adam. "Please, we'll never mess with you again" Roshon assured. "We're not done just yet" answered Zendaya.
Caroline produced a bottle of oil from her bag of tickle tools along with 3 stiff bristled hairbrushes. Each girl got a brush and used the oil to rub onto their pair of feet. "Wha...what IS that?" asked Roshon. Before anyone could reply, Kenton spotted the bottle, "BABY OIL" he shouted. All 3 guys became even more nervous than before, realizing the oil would increase their sensitivity. After a good layer of oil was applyed to each foot, the cruel girls went in for the kill. Each one started running the brush on the shiny soles, driving Kenton, Roshon, and Adam up the wall. They kicked and bucked like never before, trying desperately to escape the unbareable tickling on their rediculously tender feet. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" they responded as the room filled with loud, ear shattering screams and exhilerating laughter. The 3 boys' bodies went into over drive, shaking and convulsing like they were being electricuted. The devious brushes scrubbed the super sensitive flesh of each foot for what felt like an eternity. Kenton's pale, beautiful feet were feeling the full wrath of the bristles on his incredibly ticklish soles as he was taken over by the torturous sensation. Just like blondie, Roshon was going mad from the tickling while the tickle tool went haywire the over sensitized feet. Adam was in a equal state of pure torture as a result of his feet being delighted. After 10 minutes of sheer torture, the girls figured they had forced enough laughter out of them.

They untied the now sweaty, exhausted, and barefoot boys. "That was hell" said Adam. "Next time you'll think twice about messing with us" retorted Caroline. The girls laughed and left the trailor. "That was the worst experience of my life" Roshon admitted. "Tell me about" added Kenton. The guys vowed to NEVER mess with the girls again, in fear of a second round of tickle torture.
michaelsky13 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
no ~ejr23 and i love adam aka duce the most
ejr23 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
i think that they should get revenge on the girls!
IncaDincaDoo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
What,you mean they're just gonna let the girls get away with that? What a bunch of wusses! If it was me,I'd already be plotting my revenge! :mwahaha:
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