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January 13, 2013
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Zack and Cody Martin were leaving Ms. Tutwyler's class when Zack heard Mr. Moseby telling his teacher about a diamond that was stolen in Europe, the last place they docked. Mr. Moesby said the police had reason to believe the thief was on the ship. Zack didn't waste time listening to details and ran to tell Cody.
He caught up with him at his room. "Cody, you will never believe what Mr. Moseby told Ms. Tutwyler". "You're going to summer school again?" joked Cody. "No, someone stole a diamond from the place we docked in Europe." "Ok..." "And they think the thief is on the boat" "What!?" exclaimed Cody. "Yeah, so I thougt w-" "Don't tell me you have a plan of finding the thief and turning him in". "No, we find the diamond and collect the reward". "Who said there was a reward?" " There's gotta be for this diamond if it gets this much attention." explained a hopeful Zack. "Alright, alright where should we look?" "You can take the upper decks and I'll look on the lower" said the excited blonde.
Later that afternoon Cody was searching the Sun Deck and trying not to be too obvious. He looked around for about an hour, but was unsuccessful. Zack was searching the lower decks and wasn't doing much better. They met up around the middle deck and started looking again. Zack was feeling around one of the hallways and came across a hollow spot in the wall. He hit it one time and it popped out. It seemed to be a secret hiding spot. In the slot was none other than the diamond. "Cody! I found it!" shouted Zack. "Not so loud!" hushed Cody. "What do we do now?" asked Zack. "We take it up to our room and let Mr. Moseby know we have it then clame the reward" answered the smart Blonde. "Sounds good" added Zack.
They got back to the room and hid the diamond away. They were on their way to let Mr. Moseby know about the diamond when they were grabbed and pulled into a room. 2 bigger guys then knocked them out. When they awoke, both of the boys were tied to chairs. Their hands were tied behind their backs, and their legs to the legs of the chairs. They were still fully dressed, with Zack wearing a blue t shirt and black shorts with black skater shoes. Cody had on a green button down shirt with khaki shorts and grey skater shoes.
The boys were woken up by a splash of water to their faces. "Wake up you 2" said a man, standing in front of them. "Wha, what's going on?" asked Cody, half asleep. "Cody?" Zack said hoping he was with him. "Yeah, i'm here, someone kidnapped us" answered the brainy blonde. The man had gone into the other room. "Who?" asked Zack. "I don't know, we gotta get out of here" retorted Cody. "You're not going anywhere" said the man, re - entering the room. "Let us go!" demanded Zack. "I would, but you have something of mine" answered the man. "What are you talking about dude?" questioned Zack. "The diamond... just tell me where it is and you're free to go" assured the mystery man. "You're the thief!" shouted Cody. "That's right blondy, and everything will be back to normal if you tell me what you did with it." "We don't have it" spoke up Zack. "I saw the empty wall slot and I saw you boys walking down that hallway with 2 big goofy grins, so I'm pretty sure you have it" answered the man.
"We're not telling you anything" shouted Cody. "I had a feeling you may be this way, guess I'll have to persuade you" retorted the thief. "If you hurt us, the police will come after you" pointed out Zack, trying to protect he and his brother. "I'm not going to harm you at all". "What then? Torture?" asked a nervous Cody. "Something like that" grinned the thief.
The man started by pulling Zack's shirt above his head, behind his neck, and unbuttoning Cody's. "Please man, just let us go, we won't say a word about this" pleaded Cody. Of course he thought of the worst possible scenario so he began to sweat. The man started prodding around Cody's ribs, hitting a few sensitive areas around his sides. The blonde boy giggled and started moving around in the chair. He was starting to get the picture of what was about to happen to them. Zack wasn't quite so quick to catch on. "What are you gonna do....tickle us?" asked Zack sarcastically. And just as soon as the words left his lips, it clicked, that's exactly what he was gonna do.
Zack became filled with fear, fighting at his bonds like a wild man. He HATED being tickled. Although he tickled Cody for laughs every now and then, he was never sadistic with it. Of course he had been tickled a good bit over the years, but he was always free to fight back and get away. But now he was tied to a chair and at the mercy of a thief ready to do whatever it took to retrieve the diamond. That sent shivers up his spine.
The man manuvered his fingers into the blonde haired pits of Cody, sending him reeling into a fit of laughter. "SSTOOPPP NOOOTTT MYYY PIITTTSSS!!" shouted the already desperate blonde. He jumped up and down and bucked as hard as the chair allowed. The thief was sadistic, wiggling his fingers rapidly in the deep underarms, not holding back a bit. Cody was sweating bullets at this point and laughing at the top of his lungs. "Let's try somewhere else, shall we?" taunted the man. He untied one of Cody's ankles. The boy's eyes widened, knowing this would be worse than his pits. The thief slipped of the shoe and peeled the sock from his foot. He feet were nice; smooth, well kept, clean, and soft to the touch. The man dove right into it, holding the foot in the air with one hand and wiggling his anxious fingers along the sole.
"AHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOO SSTOOPPPPP PPPLLLEEAASSEEE AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NOOOOOO MOOREEE" shouted the blonde, already in hysterics. The man kept running his fingers across the pink flesh, hitting every spot, the heel, the balls, the arch, and the middle. He used his nails to scratch the arch over and over, receiving a great reaction. Cody was shaking his head and laughing like a mental patient by now. The thief then untied the other foot and stripped his shoe and sock off. He faced away from Cody and used one arm to hold both feet between his arms and sides. He was able to tickle both soles with one hand, switching feet every few minutes. The man was tickling one foot when he ran across the under side of his toes and Cody's laugh shot out louder than before. "Ahh, a sweet spot" said the thief.
He started scraping the undersides of the white toes with a new focus. This made Cody jolt every time he touched them. "AHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAH NOOOTTTT MYYYY TOOOOEESSSS" begged the helpless blonde. Zack saw his brother's feet being ruthlessly tickled and his brother bucking like he was being electrocuted, and all he could do was watch and anticipate the torture that was awaiting him.
"You sure you don't wanna tell me where the diamond is?" asked the thief. "No.. ah...aha" answered Cody, trying to catch his breath. "Guess we're moving on to brother number 2" announced the man. He went over and began playing with Zack's nipples, flicking them and squeezing them, making the trouble maker twitch and giggle. "Don't hahah stopahaaha" laughed Zack. The man moved on to the stomach. He started digging his fingers into the toned tummy and running his nails across the sensitive skin. "AAAHHHHAHAHAHHAHA NOOOOO SSTOOPPPP DDUUDDEEEE NNOOOOO MOOOREEEEEE" shouted the blonde. He was just as ticklish as Cody, if not more. The thief began to dig into the vulnerable armpits, sending Zack into a new fit of laughter. He jerked and thrashed, trying as hard as he could to escape the awful sensation that was taking him over.
The man kept that up for about 5 minutes until he changed positions. He went down to the feet and pulled off the boy's skater shoes and ankle socks. His feet were equally as nice but oddly enough, his were almost softer. Maybe it was from all the time the blonde spent in the pool. He untied one of them and put it in a head lock, locking it into place. "Ah, I almost forgot" said the man as he pulled something from his pocket. It was a small hair brush. Zack's eyes widened like he had seen a ghost, terrified of how bad this was going to be. The thief began furiously scrubbing the tender sole. The blonde's body shook and jerked and bucked, trying to get away from the tickling. Zack was losing his mind at this point, never being tickled like this before.
He was crying ticklish tears and shouting as loud as he could. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHAHHAAAHHHHH AHAHHAHAHAHHAA" laughed the boy, not even being able to form words. The man was pleased at the reaction he got and wanted to up the anny. He untied the other foot and got a shoe lace from one of Zack's shoes. He used it to tie the 2 big toes together. The man then put the pair of feet in a head lock and started running the wicked brush all over the wildly ticklish feet. The bristles seemed to know exactly how to attack his helpless soles, hitting every spot, even his worst; the middle of his sole.
The thief used the brush for another 10 minutes until he grabbed another shoe lace and started weaving it in and out of the delectable toes. The skin between the toes is barely exposed to the things the rest of the foot is, making it oober sensitive. The man knew this and wanted to explore the overly ticklish toes. He ran the lace between the toes slow enough to get every one, and fast enough to cause an incredible sensation. Zack was on the brink of insanity just when the man stopped.
"I'm giving you boys one last chance to tell me". "Never!" shouted Cody. "You asked for it". The man untied Zack's toes and brought the left foot of his and the right of Cody's together. He used the shoe lace to tie their big toes together. The man put the bound feet into another head lock and went crazy on them. He scratched with his nails and used the diabolical brush to destroy any fight they had left in them. The thief would alternate on what foot got the brush and he could always tell who's foot was being tortured by it when their laughs would shoot up an octave or two. The twins laughed and jerked and bucked like two lunatics. They had no chance against the devious man and his merciless tickling methods.
The thief continued to torture the boys for about an hour, an hour filled with begging, laughing, and screaming. The tickle hell proved to be too much for the brothers, causing them to pass out almost at the same time. The man eventually figured out which rooms were theirs and searched and searched until finally finding the diamond. The blonde boys woke up later, laying on their beds. They sat up and saw a note. It read, "Thanks for all the fun today, it was a blast - a friend". Both boys decided to not tell anyone about their experience. They figured the thief getting away free was better than everyone on the ship knowing their ultimate weakness.
The twin troublemakers get themselves into a ticklish situation.
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WIfootlvr Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great job love it
WIfootlvr Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
your very welcome
Ahahhaha, very nice!! :D

I'm more of an upperbody fan, but I'm asking... why they didn't do this to the Sprouse Twins in the reality too?
You really have a gift here. I loved every bit of this, and I hated Zack & Cody
Wow, thank you!
and it's really funny about your One DIrection story because I refused to read it because I didn't know their names, but I subconsciously remembered them all becuz i really do wanna tickle each of them haha i finally read it last night and it was everything i imagined. maybe a sequel where they're all kidnapped and tickled by fans
Well my computer is down right now but I would love that!
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