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December 17, 2012
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Freddie Benson was just getting home from school when he heard a lot of hammering and drilling coming from Carley's appartment. Carley and Sam were at the mall, so he knew it wasn't them, so he went over to check it out. He knocked on the door, but it was unlocked. As it eased open he walked in, seeing Spencer working on a new invention.

"Spencer. Spencer!! SPENCER!!!!!" shouted Freddie, getting louder and louder to try and get Spencer's attention over the loud construction. Spencer finally turned around to see the high school boy shouting. He stopped working. "Hi Fredo, what's up" asked Spencer. "What are you doing?" answered a curious Freddie. "I'm putting the finishing touches on my new creation" he explained. "Uhh, what is it?" questioned Freddie. "Well, it reads the mind of whoever uses it." anwered the inventor. "Really? How does it work?" asked the usually quick witted Freddie. "Well, you take off your shoes and socks and get in it and it locks your wrists, waist, and ankles in. An-" Freddie cut in. "Why do you have to be locked in?" "I just thought it looked cool" answered Spencer. "Anyway, then wires are attached to your temples, and 2 probes come out and analyze the bottom of your feet. I invented this thing where, it can tell what you're thinking by picking up the thoughts in your head, through your temples and reading the nerve impulses in your feet." explained Spencer. "Have you tested it?" asked the almost eager tech wiz. "Uhh, not yet, you wanna be my first test subject?" "I don't know. Is it safe?" "Of course it's safe, it hasn't even caught on fire yet." assured Spencer. "Alright, let's try it" said Freddie.
"Yes! Alright go ahead and take off your shoes and socks and hop up there" instructed Spencer. Freddie got up on the vertical table that was slightly tilted back. He hooked up the wires to his temples and tried to relax. Spencer hit a button that made metal clamps lock Freddie's wrists, waist, and ankles in.

"Comfortable?" asked the inventor. "Yeah" answered Freddie. "The screen above your head will put your thoughts up for me to see. In 1, 2, & 3." said Spencer as he pressed a red button, activating the machine.
Freddie was a little nervous, not knowing how the machine would make him feel. Suddenly he felt some sensations on his temples. The screen read, ahh, ooh, ahh. "It's working!" shouted Spencer. Freddie was beginning to calm down, when he heard the probes coming out toward his feet. The 2 probes went under his feet and with one on each, they made contact with his soles. The screen changed again, "ahhhh" it read. The probes began vibrating on Freddie's feet. He tried to keep his composure during the probes' readings. Freddie thought, "oh my God, this tickles soo much, I wish it would stop, ahahaha, don't laugh, don't laugh, he'll know how sensitive you are". Those thoughts became words on the screen as Spencer read them.
"Oh, no way" said Spencer. "Whahaahat?" asked a giggling Freddie. "Is it tickling your feet?" asked the now excited inventor. "Noohahahno" responded Freddie, not sounding too convincing. "This is gonna be fun" said Spencer. "What are you talking ahahaboout ahah?" asked the now laughing teen. "Oh nothing" answered Spencer, with a devious grin.

Without Freddie knowing, Spencer shut off the temple wires and turned up the foot probes.
"AHAHAHAHAHA" laughed Freddie, unable to hold it in now. The probes started going faster and faster, tickling the teen's feet an unbelievable amount. "STOOOPPP SSSPPEEENNNCERRRRR SHUUTTT ITTT OFFFFFFF" begged a helpless Freddie. "I can't understand you" lied Spencer, enjoying himself. "IIITTTSSS TIICCKLIINNNNGGG MEEEEEE" shouted Freddie. "It's what??" asked a sadistic Spencer. "TIIICKKKLING AHAHHHAA MEEEEEEE" screamed Freddie as loud as he could.
Little did Freddie know, that Spencer was quite a tickle fiend. He and Socko had many tickle fights, with Spencer winning them all. Since his dad used to torture him with tickling when he was younger, he knew the best techniques and spots.
The probes were now practically killing the super sensitive teen. They were on full power. Freddie was in tickish tears. "AHAHAAHAHA NOOOO STTTOPPPPPPP ITTTTTTT" screamed the helpless computer geek. "SHHHUUTTT ITTTT OFFFFFF!!!" Spencer loved seeing Freddie laugh and be tickled but thought he had enough. "Alright, alright" said Spencer, shutting off the machine.

The clasps unlocked and Freddie all but fell out. He jumped off the table and grabbed his shoes and socks, putting them on as fast as he could. "You're pretty ticklish aren't you?" asked Spencer. "Yeah, I can't handle it" answered the tired teen. "I can tell" laughed Spencer, knowing he had gotten the best of Freddie Benson.

Spencer invited Freddie over for dinner that night, since Carly was staying over at Sam's. Freddie cam back about 6:30 and knocked on the door. Spencer opened it and they sat on the couch, as they waited for the spaghetti to finish cooking for spagetti tacos.
Freddie wanted Spencer's spaghetti tacos but really came over again to get revenge for the "test run" earlier. Spencer thought of Freddie as a little brother and Freddie saw him as an older one, so they were pretty close. Freddie also knew how ticklish Spencer was. Ever since he, Carly, and Sam attacked him that one time and tickled the crap out of him, Spencer's secret was out the bag.
"Hey Spence, have you ever gotten a foot rub?" questioned the teen. "Uhh yeah, a few actually, why do you ask?" responded Spencer. "Well, I happen to give a great foot rub. You want one in return for letting me try out your new invention?" asked Freddie. "Sure, why not?" he answered, falling right into the wiz kid's trap. "Pop it up here" motioned Freddie, patting his leg. Spencer proceeded to put his foot on Freddie knees. Freddie unlaced his sneakers and tugged it off. He began rubbing the funky colored socked foot. The computer geek knew just how to play Spencer. He started massaging his long toes, getting a rise out of him. "AHAHA" squealed the older guy. "What's wrong?" asked Freddie. "Uh, nothing, just a little sensitive." answered Spence, trying to stay calm. Freddie picked it up and started using his nails to trace the zig zags on the socks. "AHAHA AHHH" shouted Spencer. "I'm fine, i'm fine" he assured.
Freddie decided it was time to lose the sock. He peeled it off and began massaging the size 12, extremely soft, and smooth barefoot. "Let me see the other one" said the eager Freddie. He got straight to it and stripped Spencer's other foot of the shoe and sock. With both of the pale feet in front of him, he started rubbing and occasionally using his nails on Spence's soles. "AHAHAHA OK OKKK" said the panicked Spencer. "So you're ticklish too" said Freddie, like he didn't already know. "A little, just go easy on me" asked the vulnerable inventor. "No problem" answered Freddie with an unseen grin.
The tech wiz threw aside all mercy and wrapped up Spencer's feet in his strong arms like a headlock and started going haywire on the big soles. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH FRRREDDIIIIEEEE WWHHAAATT ARRREEEE YOOOOUU DOOOIINNNNG?!?!?!" shouted Spencer, bucking and laughing super hard already. "Just getting my revenge" explained Freddie. He was using his nails to scratch all over the feet until Spencer's laugh went up an octave when he touched a particular spot, the balls of his feet. "Looks like we have a sweet spot!" announced Freddie with a big smile.

He proceeded to concentrate on that spot, scribbling extra hard on the newly found achilles heel. "SSTOOOOPPPPP MAAAAHAHAANNNN PPLLLLEAAASEEEEE" begged Spencer. Of course he could have faught back against Freddie normally, but the tickling took away all his strength and focus. Freddie was really having fun at this point; he had never tickled Spencer's feet before, but he was making up for old times now. He used one hand to pry back a set of extra long toes and focused on the fresh underside of his toes. He scraped them, one toe at a time, getting the full affect of the sensitive feet. Spencer was losing his mind, the tickling was too much for him to handle.
Freddie was just about done when he wanted to try something he heard was torturous to any foot. He took off his belt and tied the ankles together, freeing his hands to tickle more. Freddie started licking the feet of Spencer like he was trying to get all the batter off a spoon. He wiggled his tounge between all of the toes and all over the sensitive flesh of the soles. "AHAHAHHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAAAHA NOOOO LIIIICCCKINNNNNNGGGGG NOOOOOOO STOOPPPPPPPPPP IIIII CCAAAANNNNTTT TTTAAKEEEE ITTTTT" shouted Spencer just before he started dry heaving. Freddie took that as a red light to stop befrore it got ugly. He untied the feet and checked the spaghetti.
As they ate, they discussed the events of the day. "Alright, from now on, we never tickle eachother again" said Spencer. "Agreed" answered Freddie. They finished eating and Freddie went home but Spencer knew he had to get revenge on his "brother".
Spencer's new invention sparks a mini tickle war.
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